Conway Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board


The City of Conway is working hard to provide the places, infrastructure, and services you need to lead a healthy, active lifestyle.  But we also know that we can always do more, and that it’s the people within our community who lead us through the decision-making process.

Please take a few moments and complete one or more of the surveys found below*.  It’s a wonderful opportunity to have your voice heard and it’s an important tool toward helping us make informed and well-advised decisions.

Thank you for your participation.

Share An Event

Tell the us about any upcoming events you have going on that utilize cyclist & pedestrian infrastructure in Conway so that we can help get the word out!

Infrastructure Use: Monthly Survey

Tell us how you used pedestrian & bicycle infrastructure in Conway, AR each month. You can be a local, a visitor, an adult, a minor. Skipped a month? Go ahead and “back log” your responses so we can get a better idea of how many people are using Conway’s infrastructure.

Incident Reporting

Report on incidents that happen in Conway, AR between vehicles, pedestrians, and cyclists.

Infrastructure Improvements

Tell the us about new cyclist & pedestrian infrastructure that would improve Conway. (The city looks for recommendations every winter when the budget is being updated – so we would love to be able to tell them that our recommendations have X number of citizens behind them!)

Report Street & Traffic Maintenance Needs

Tell the City of Conway about specific ways existing cyclist & pedestrian infrastructure can be improved such as sidewalks that are crumbling or lead to no where, cross lights that don’t work, cross walk/sharrow/bike lane paint that needs to be freshened, debris in bike lanes or across mutli-use paths…

*Yep, there’s a few older surveys in the menu to the right. We’ve left them up there for the time being, in case that’s what you’re looking for.