Conway Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board

Bike to School 2015

A HUGE shout out new BPAB member, Emily Walters, and CAB member Kevin Lunceford for their awesome teamwork to make Bike to School Day something that was celebrated in Conway this year!

Event Wrap-up by Emily Walters:

May 6th was the National Bike to School Event. BPAB & CAB teamed up with Julia Lee Moore, Jim Stone, Woodrow Cummins, and Carolyn Lewis to launch this event. Schools advertised it in the paper and on the PTO websites. That morning or afternoon as kids rode to and from school they were greeted with volunteers from BPAB or CAB. Each participating student received a coloring book, sticker, and a snack.  We had a great turnout at each school and great feedback from the parents. The kids were really excited to have the opportunity to bike to school. We were able to promote the benefits of biking to school such as how biking brings a sense of joy and independence to the children as well as create healthy habits, and a cleaner environment. And most important BPAB and CAB we able to promote bike safety!

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