Conway Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board

Always striving to improve.

First, a HUGE shout out to one of our brand new BPAB members, Emily Walters and CAB member Kevin Lunceford for their awesome teamwork to make Bike to School Day something that was celebrated in Conway yesterday! Watch our blog for a wrap up in the new few days.

Secondly, folks NOTICED THINGS yesterday. Whether you were riding to school with your kid, or a volunteer or principal helping to greet kids at the schools, you saw. You saw the awesomeness that kids feel when riding to school. But you also saw what made it difficult – and had visions of what could make it safer, better.

So while it’s still fresh in your head, please: suggest improvements*.

Not everyone was able to make it to a Bike to School Day event. That’s ok. You’re still invited to let us know what improvements to Conway’s bike/ped infrastructure that you’ve noticed are needed. So go ahead, and make a suggestion*.

*YES: you are allowed to suggest as many improvements as you like.

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